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Swiss Startup Day

13th edition of the Swiss Startup Day
(formerly CEO Day)

24 – 25 October 2016

will take place in Berne, where around 600 participants are expected!


In the afternoon of the 24.10. they will start with the BEST PRACTICES for you with their top experts. You can choose out of 8 offerings and attend 2 sessions, 100 min each. Link: http://www.swiss-startup-day.ch/best-practices/

On 25.10. the INVESTORS on STAGE is a great opportunity for you to see Investors pitch. Link: http://www.swiss-startup-day.ch/investors/

Thereafter, the PITCHING BATTLE on 3 Stages, where 60 Startups will pitch to investors. To qualify you will have to take the Elevator Pitches. Deadline to apply is already fixed on 23. September 2016 !!

Furthermore, in the afternoon two Panels: LEARN from INVESTORS and LEARN FROM FOUNDERS. Link: http://www.swiss-startup-day.ch/panel-discussions/

To close, take the opportunity to meet in the 1:1 Meetings (Speed Dating) with 100 tables waiting. Booking is starting on 1. October 2016. Link: http://www.swiss-startup-day.ch/meetings/

For more all details, just go on the event’s website : http://www.swiss-startup-day.ch/