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SV Postdoc Association organises “get to know the EPFL Innovation Park”

8 speakers from life sciences companies located at the EPFL Innovation Park will tell about their work and career!

The event is organized by the very dynamic Life Sciences (SV) Postdoc Association on Wednesday, 15th of October. It will start at 13.30 in room SV1717A and will be followed by an apéro in the SV Hall. 

All information about the program and the speakers is available on the following web-page: http://sv-postdoc.epfl.ch/home.

Please, register on doodle http://doodle.com/x7fev4rtqe3m8idb.

All the best,

Paulina, Verena, Nicola, Pamela and Nicolo on behalf of the SV Life Sciences Postdoc Association