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Sustainability Leaders Think Tank #6

Sustainability Leaders Think Tank #6

How to measure your impact

Introduction session to the Swiss Triple Impact and
feedback from a participant of the Park

Thursday 9 June 2022, 12:30

Neptune room, build.C, EPFL Innovation Park

The Swiss Triple program enables companies to enhance their sustainability performance while improving their competitiveness.

Using the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework, the Swiss Triple Impact is a unique national program that allows Swiss companies to measure their contribution to the SDGs and thus improve their sustainability performance.
In 3 steps, the Swiss Triple Impact helps to target the most important SDGs for your company and to set up a concrete action plan to improve its social and environmental impact. Joining the program also allows you to join a Directory of committed Swiss companies.

During this session, a Park company that has followed this program will come and share its experience.

Sustainability Leaders Think Tank (SLTT)
Through regular events, the Sustainability Leaders Think Tank aims at gathering and creating links between collaborators of the companies at EPFL Innovation Park interested in Sustainable Development.

Participants shall be issued from any business unit: engineering, entrepreneurs, developers, top management, facilities, HR, purchasing, marketing, … Topics covered could be General awareness about Corporate Social Responsibility, Compliance and regulations, Code of ethics, Market trends, Digital sobriety, Carbon footprint, Diversity & inclusion, Mobility

>> Free access for all the collaborators of the EPFL Innovation Park

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