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Sustainability Leaders Think Tank #5

Sustainability Leaders Think Tank #5

How to turn green your digital activities?

Thursday 12 May 2022, 12:30

Neptune room, build.C, EPFL Innovation Park

Attend our monthly Sustainability Leaders Think Tank (SLTT) and let’s talk about digital responsibility.

Come and discover what are the impacts of our digital systems on our environment, how to measure them and how to combine ecological transition and digital transformation.
You will see that you can act effectively in your organization, as a growing number of companies have already done!

The session will take place on May 12th from 12:30 to 14:00 in room Neptune in building C (1st floor).

Meet the experts
Amael Parreaux-Ey is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Resilio. He is also studying at the EPFL where he excels in environmental sciences. Amael is a consultant and member of GreenIT.fr since 2020, with a background in LCA (life cycle assessment) of digital products and services. He has conducted several large-scale studies, some with critical review by an international panel, notably for EPFL & RTS.

Céline Carle Faye has 15 years of experience in digital strategy. In 2019, as E-commerce Director for an international retailer, she founded an internal Green IT committee to engage the company in a responsible digital approach. Certified “Green IT State of the Art” and “Eco-design of Digital Services” in 2020, she is now dedicated to supporting companies in their green IT approach. She is an active member of the GreenIT collective and co-founder of Resilio, a Swiss start-up specialized in responsible digital support.

> Free access for all the collaborators of the EPFL Innovation Park

Sustainability Leaders Think Tank (SLTT)
Through regular events, the Sustainability Leaders Think Tank aims at gathering and creating links between collaborators of the companies at EPFL Innovation Park interested in Sustainable Development.

Participants shall be issued from any business unit: engineering, entrepreneurs, developers, top management, facilities, HR, purchasing, marketing, … Topics covered could be General awareness about Corporate Social Responsibility, Compliance and regulations, Code of ethics, Market trends, Digital sobriety, Carbon footprint, Diversity & inclusion, Mobility

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