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Startup Essentials – Acceleration Workshops (Series of 8 workshops)

Startup Essentials

Startup Essentials by venturelab is a series of workshops covering the know-how and tools required to accelerate the development of your project. Our workshops are based on a mission and challenge approach to enhance the validation and execution of your business case.

Located at top academic institutions (EPFL, ETHZ), Startup Essentials are open to master and doctoral candidates, postdocs, members of staff at EPFL/ETHZ carrying a solid high tech startup project. In addition, everybody with a disruptive and scalable business idea and the ambition to grow a great business is invited to hand in its application. The workshop series aims to offer support for the three main challenges of founders:

  • Shape it: Check entrepreneurial readiness (who buys what and why, founding team)
  • Execute: Build an execution track record (product, customers, team)
  • Get funded: Validate contents of the “investment-ready” package and offer to investors

Apply for the Startup Essentials, if you are a dedicated and hardworking talent from life science, high tech or digital technology ready to deliver on quality and efficiency to grow a great business.

Attending the workshops is free of charge. Apply here for the entire series (8 workshops) either in Zurich or in Lausanne (at EPFL Innovation Park)!

REGISTER NOW for the 8 workshop in LAUSANNE

REGISTER NOW for the 8 workshop in ZURICH


All details on the venturelab web page!

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