• Date:

Semiconductor Devices Characterisation seminar

October 14th 2014, 9:00 – 17:00

EPFL Innovation Park (Bât. D)

Rooms Pluton & Uranus (ground floor)


Organizer: Keysight Technologies

Local co-organizers: EPFL Characterization Platform (CARPLAT) and Imina Technologies SA.




Technical Seminars addressing the challenges of CMOS, Power and RF semiconductor device measurement & modelling.


As the semiconductor industry continues to advance technologies with nanometer feature sizes, newer material systems, existing challenges are exacerbated and new ones arise. In these seminars, the complete characterisation & modeling flow will be demoed: from on-wafer measurements until to Spice model libraries characterisation through DC, Power and RF devices extraction.

To respond to the specific needs of Small scale silicon industry and Power silicon industry, the seminar will consist in 2 specific tracks in parallel.

Come and interact with Keysight and partners experts to learn more about the full flow of device modeling and characterisation. Local company Imina Technologies will showcase its latest product for semiconductor devices characterisation.


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