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Oracle for Startups Workshop

Workshop EPFL Innovation Park

Room Uranus, Building D, rez

Find out what Lyft, Soundcloud, Dailymotion & Lending Club had in common…

Oracle for Startups Workshop – growing fast with confidence and agility

We get it. In 1977, we were a startup, too.  To grow your business with confidence and agility, it will take more than technology.

Come on in and say Hi for a morning dedicated to discovering what Oracle do for Startups. Yes you heard me!

Oracle has put countless new businesses like yours on a sure footing—without slowing down progress. We’ve learned that it’s important to adopt the right set of business processes early.

With best practice processes supported by customer success videos, webcasts, white papers, and other thought leadership, modern best practice shows how your organization could achieve radically superior results in the cloud.

So what should I expect?

  1. Motivational speakers coming from Oracle Switzerland
  2. Discovering our Oracle Startups Program in France
  3. Hear it yourself! A Startup will come and share their story of how Oracle was the right partner to help them
  4. Network with our team, technical experts around a nice buffet (let’s face it, we all love food don’t we?)
  5. Live demonstration of our solutions followed by Q/A

Who is it for?

If your Startup is up and running and you’re looking for a growth mode, I guess you’re the perfect fit.

Of course, we know startups don’t grow in the same way, we welcome everyone J .
Yes, we’re cool.

Why should you attend?

Who said free food?

Seriously, simply because you’ll

  1. Meet a Startup founder who’s been through similar challenges
  2. Learn the broad solutions that Oracle provides for growing companies
  3. Understand how you could leverage our MarketPlace and get worldwide exposure

The workshop will be held in English  with Slides in English.

La présentation se fera en anglais  avec projection en anglais SAUF si salle entièrement francophone.

Limited availability, RSVP asap

RSVP : ignell@epfl-innovationpark.ch