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Online Workshop EPFL Innovation Park: Introduction to change management

What is change management and why should you use it?

Alexandra Karacsonyi, Stanford MBA

Tuesday, June 22nd from 12:00 – 13:00


Introduction to change management

Our world is nowadays characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, and the rate of changes has been accelerating recently. Just think of phenomena like digital transformation, climate change, COVID, border closing, supply chain disruption, etc. Change used to be an exception, now it has become the rule, that any organization and individual needs to constantly deal with.

Change management tackles the human side of change: it helps stakeholders make sense of the change, contributes to increase their desire to be an active part of it, and provides them with the mental equipment to embrace it. The results are evident: faster and more efficient change adoption, by a maximum number of stakeholders.

According to Prosci, the world’s leading training institute in change management (serving over 85% of all Fortune 500 companies and relying over 25 years of research), the chances of success for any change are multiplied by 6 when change management is adequately done.

But wait! We here at the EPFL Innovation Park are not Fortune 500 behemoths, we are agile startups! Guess what? The problem is primarily with how we human beings are wired: 90% to 95% of use are change averse and need help to change!

You will

  • Understand what constitutes a change for a human being in a professional setting
  • Learn how human beings typically react to a change
  • Understand what difference change management can make
  • Discover the different individual steps towards change
  • Understand who can lead the change in an organization, and how

Who should attend

This workshop will be useful to a very large audience: founders, team leaders, product managers, project managers, salespeople, marketing & communication people, HR people, etc. Change is ubiquitous in our professional and personal lives, and as such, change management is very widely applicable (and useful!).

ONLINE Workshop 

  • One-hour session at lunch time: Tuesday, June 22nd from 12:00 – 13:00
  • 30’ presentation, 30’ Q&As
  • Maximum 50 participants
  • In English
  • Workshop materials made available to participants after the session
  • In case of enough interest, a full-format workshop can be organized after the summer


Alexandra Karacsonyi’s bio

Alexandra Karacsonyi holds an MBA from Stanford University, and relies on 20+ years of business experience in Strategy, Marketing and Innovation for leading companies like Bain & Company, PepsiCo, L’Oréal and PayPal. She is a Prosci certified change management professional.

Alexandra has been managing her own consulting company, Elixir Consulting, since 2015, through which she helps organizations of all sizes transform themselves successfully by being more human-centered.

In parallel, Alexandra has also been a lecturer in Design Thinking at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Geneva, Switzerland, and part of the Stanford LEAD Executive Certificate (focusing on Corporate Innovation) online teaching team since 2015.

Moved by her passion for innovation, Alexandra is also an angel investor, an advisor to a global Private fund, a Private Equity fund co-founder, and acts as a broker to match startups and private investors in Europe and beyond.


Minimum 10 participants, maximum 50 participants. This workshop is free of charge but registration is mandatory.

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