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Meetup @Swisscom Digital Lab – Delivering Mobility Insights for Smart Cities

Delivering Mobility Insights for Smart Cities

 Jeudi 30 juin 2016
17:00 @Swisscom Digital Lab (EPFL Innovation Park, Building F, 3rd Floor, Lausanne (plan))

Speaker: Michal Piorkowski, Head of Mobility Insights at Swisscom

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Delivering Mobility Insights for Smart Cities

Swisscom is not only the main ICT provider in Switzerland – In the recent years it has been intensively experimenting with various novel analytical technologies to turn its different Big Datasets into Smart Data to create valuable insights not only to, e.g., improve quality assurance of its core services but also to provide information about the traffic flows on motorways. Specifically, the analytical power of the Big Data technology stack available in Swisscom helps in turning the monitoring data from mobile network, into insights about the landscape of population’s mobility – an important piece of information needed for example very much by urban planners, designing the cities we’re living in.

Swisscom works on a tool for urban planners to enable them to make inference about people flow through specific areas of interest, s.a. city centers, football stadiums, train stations, and find out what kind of flows made by e.g. daily commuters, or weekend visitors are contributing to the congestion problem.

In this talk we will share with you certain technical details of our platform, where Spark, Hadoop and Kafka – the usual suspects in the Big Data tech stack – play essential role in delivering meaningful insights. We will also talk about specific technical challenges we have to cope with, while crunching more than 30 billion of events daily to produce such insights for the civil administration – starting from gathering all the relevant events to validating the data insights in an automated manner. Finally, we’ll insist on how privacy protection — a paramount point to Swisscom (https://www.swisscom.ch/en/about/legal-terms/data-protection.html) — is constitutive of both the limited identifiability and proper data flow control.