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Meet Entrepreneurs and Innovators at EPFL Innovation Park

A successful career requires not only academic knowledge and technical competence, but also strong business acumen and network.


Out of all the career paths, the nearest crossroad of science and business is actually only a few meters away from your labs: At EPFL Innovation Park, the 21 R&D centers of both large corporations and 150 start-ups are hosting around 2000 ambitious entrepreneurs, R&D engineers, and marketers for them to live their passion, to innovate, to undertake, and to bring science to market.


How do they take their first steps? What motivated them to keep trying? What are the specific services and support that the Innovation Park is offering to help their businesses to take off? What does life look like, working in a start-up or in a R&D center of a large corporation?


ACIDE has the pleasure to invite you to take part in the joint event ACIDE – EPFL Innovation Park on 9th of June where you have the opportunity to meet and talk to some of the entrepreneurs and innovators in the Park.


Whether you are highly motivated to become a high-tech entrepreneur, or are ready to embrace the career of an “intrapreneur” in a large corporation, we highly recommend the free, fast track federal training program run by EPFL Innovation Park to help you to step into the business world and quickly get ready for the challenge.

Know more and apply: http://goo.gl/forms/cHkBFhwnpm