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Internationalize your high-tech start-up: Why India?



At EPFL Innovation Park – room Uranus, Building D

Welcom Address
Dr. Lan Zuo Gillet – Deputy Managing Director, responsible for development to India and China
Dr. Balz Strasser – CEO swissnex India

The Indian advantage: Two case studies
Prateek Khare – Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, swissnex India

Panel – We were there!
Dr. Olivier Crameri – Bugbusger
Simon Bless – Pracman
Olivier Trancart – i-Exceed Bangalore


Lunch & Networking

Confirm your presence by 2nd of July 2014. To register visit: http://svy.mk/ajbyvuN or drop an email to: innovation@swissnexindia.org. For more details, please visit www.swissnexindia.org

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