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How to address both markets without duplicating work?

Successful EU-US Clinical Drug Development:
How to address both markets without duplicating work?

June 12th, 2014 – 14:00-17:30
EPFL – Innovation Park (Parc Scientifique)
Building D,  Room “Pluton” (Ground Floor)
Lausanne, Vaud

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“The regulatory environment is one of the most important external factors affecting a company’s organization, processes, and technological strategy”
With tangible differences in requirements from a market to another, global drug development is often perceived as a daunting challenge. Voisin Consulting Life Sciences invites you to an interactive discussion on how to bridge FDA and EMA requirements, from the design of global clinical development strategies to the adaptation of implementation in each local market. International regulatory experts will share their experience of dealing with conflicting requests from regulators, to optimize the value of clinical-stage drugs.

Successful EU-US Clinical Drug Development:
How to address both markets without dupkicating work?

Switzerland, and especially the Geneva lake area, remains the cradle of innovation for the healthcare industry, offering amazing opportunities to biotech and pharmaceutical companies to successfully develop and launch drugs. However, within a constantly evolving regulatory environment, designing a global clinical development strategy is becoming increasingly challenging!
Three main factors are proven to address disparate regulatory requirements across the Atlantic, and hence to ensure successful clinical development:

  • Conducting global clinical development programs, from Phase 1 to the market, bridging discrepancies across markets – including payers considerations;
  • Continuously interacting with health authorities throughout clinical testing;
  • Addressing country-specific requirements, and benefiting from local market incentives.

This interactive discussion will be based on real-life experience, gained both in the industry and as advisors. After a coffee break, the discussion will go on about the local execution of clinical development strategies in each market, accounting for local regulatory frameworks and opportunities to accelerate the setup of clinical studies in Europe and the US. Participants will be invited to share individual experiences, and directly interact with regulatory experts with a successful industry track record. The workshop will be followed by a networking Aperitif.

Program :
14:00 Global clinical development strategy: obtain feedback from regulators
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Adapt clinical study setup in each market
17:00 Networking Aperitif

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