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Hello Tomorrow Switzerland

The Quantum revolution is here! Will you lead or follow?

How can quantum tech grow your business? How does its commercialization affect your industry? What do you need to know to stay ahead of the curve?

It’s no secret that quantum technologies are about to change the landscape for business as we know it. At The Future of Quantum Businesses , you will learn how to leverage these innovations to gain a competitive advantage.

Join us at The Future of Quantum Businesses in Geneva, Switzerland on November 27th to get face-to-face with the sharpest minds and most innovative companies in the commercialization of Quantum Technologies. Here are just a few of the themes you’ll explore:

  • Quantum Safe Security and Networks.
  • Quantum computing for bioinformatics and genomics, machine learning and optimization.
  • Why now is the right time to invest in Quantum Technologies.

Glimpse into the future of quantum technologies and how entrepreneurs are currently changing the world:

Europol says cybercrime is now almost as common as conventional crimes, but quantum could actually build unbreakable cryptosystems, to keep us absolutely quantum-safe. At the same time quantum computers are new hreats to cybersecurity. Post-quantum cryptography proposes solutions to the new cyber-threats, from banking to healthcare industries.

Faster drug discovery
Molecule simulation for drug discovery already happens on classical computers, but it’s slow. Quantum technology can go through entire data registers in one computation cycle, which means we will not only be able to  simulate molecules faster, but also much larger ones too.

Say whaaat?
Sot what actually is quantum computing and why is it important for our world? Whether you are an innovation manager or a student, discover the next big technological trend. Hear from BCG experts what’s the next big thing in Quantum and their market insights.

Quantum startups to watch
Powering quantum with light and new materials, compressing data faster and better with quantum-inspired algorithms, providing quantum-safe infrastructures, and many more. Discover the most promising early-stage projects using science and deep technologies to change the world.

How will this change my business and life?
Learn how pioneers at CERN, NASA, IBM, Volkswagen and other companies are using new quantum computers to solve big problems.

Listen to investors debating and share their advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

Grégoire Ribordy – CEO & Vice Chairman of the Board – ID Quantique
Eugenia Balysheva – CEO – Dotphoton
Vadim Lyubashevsky – Post-quantum Cryptography Researcher -IBM Zurich Research Laboratory
Bilel Jamoussi – Chief Study Groups Department, TSB, ITU – International Telecommunication Union

and many more…

The best way to preview the future is to create it.

On November 27th 2018, we’re inviting you back to tomorrow with us. Whether you’re founder, an investor, part of a corporation or an expert in your field, step into the Future of Quantum Businesses for a one-day journey to the epicentre of progress. The promise of Quantum is unparalleled. A raw force so potent that its implications are hard to fathom. Don’t miss it and get your ticket:

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