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Giant Leap into the Future

Do you know that top-notch technologies developed for space missions can be used for diverse terrestrial applications, from health care to transport, from energy to security, from sport to entertainment and in many areas of our daily life?

Would you like to be part of more than 300 start-ups boosted by the European Space Agency (ESA) to transform space technologies into business ventures?

Are you interested in grants and support offered by the Swiss Space Office through the Swiss Space Center, to gain access to the network of ESA and the fascinating world of innovation in space?

Come to participate in an exclusive event at Swiss Tech Convention Center on Nov 19, jointly organized by EPFL innovation Park, Swiss Space Center and AP-Swiss! You will get a glimpse of technologies developed for the space mission Rosetta, listen to the inspiring stories of start-ups developing their business into space, or bringing space technologies back to daily applications. In addition, you will be invited to make your first trial of space innovation, by taking part in design sessions animated by experts.

Sign up before November 10! Seats are limited. Participation in the event will be on a first come and first serve basis.

Registration: http://goo.gl/forms/Q0xDx4cp5A.

Detailed program: Space event program

Best Regards, the Organizing Committee