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EPFL Innovation Park workshop: Tax-4-Tech – International Tax Takeaways for Tech Ventures


International Tax Takeaways for Tech Ventures

Mathieu Daudé – Matthieu Sabonnadière – Delphine Groux

Tuesday February 4th, 2020

Room Luna&Jupiter, EPFL Innovation Park, Building F // 13:30 – 17:30 + apéro


International Tax Takeaways for Tech Ventures

At the beginning of the XXIth century, major players of the tech industry and digital economy disrupted the international tax system to maximize their profits. Governments took time, but they awoke. And everything changed.

A global, digital economy allows every company to organize its business across the world. A Swiss company may sell its services to American or Chinese customers, be owned by German investors, have its CEO living in France, and do its R&D at the EPFL. Spreading your business in different countries comes with tax opportunities, such as innovation subsidies (patent boxes, R&D tax credits, etc.) or lower tax rates. It also entails anti-abuse limitations and disclosing obligations. We are here to give you a glimpse of how it works and help you develop some reflexes to face daily challenges and opportunities.

Business is the core of your venture, but taxes may well nudge it toward success. After all, taxes directly impact your cash flow and the value of your company. Can you afford to put it aside?

In this workshop you will:

  • Get acquainted with key tax concepts to keep in mind though the life of your business,
  • Acquire reflexes on the tax implications of your decisions (financing, legal structure, location of your activities, etc.),
  • Have a sense of how international tax works,
  • Identify tax subsidies that support innovation in Switzerland and in the EU,
  • Lifting the veil on the tax challenges that companies will face tomorrow, especially current international tax reforms that will affect the digital economy,
  • Interact with international tax lawyers and other participants during the workshop.

 Who should attend?

Everyone. Founders and team members from startups; Founders and team members from scale-ups; individuals exploring turning an idea into reality; members of established businesses and investors.

Workshop Facilitators

C’M’S’ (https://cms.law/en/int/) is the largest law firm in Europe, and one of the biggest in the world. Their 6’000 lawyers, dispatched in 75 locations, advise companies with complex legal issues that cross European jurisdictions, or are seeking local law guidance in a new business market. They provide a full-service approach and assist clients on mergers and acquisitions, investment, employment, IP and tax work, wherever they are based.

This workshop will be the opportunity to assess how C’M’S can help you navigate through your entrepreneurship journey, despite increasingly complex tax rules.

Mathieu, Matthieu, and Delphine are members of the Paris office  – the leader in the field of taxation in France – and assist companies and individuals in complex international matters. They are also big fans of business ventures and disrupting technologies.

This free of charge workshop will be held in English. Registration is mandatory.

Limited to 40 participants – so don’t wait too long to register!

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