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EPFL Innovation Park Workshop: Resilience for innovators & entrepreneurs

Resilience for Going Fast & Far on Your Entrepreneurship Journey

with Elaine France – Founder, Flow In Action

Wednesday 9th October 2019 – 13.30 – 17.30
EPFL Innovation Park, Building D, Room Uranus


Resilience for Going Fast & Far on Your Entrepreneurship Journey

 Your entrepreneurship journey is full of challenges on a daily basis. To go fast and far on this journey to create successful brands and businesses you need to be resilient. That means moving from a strong core of flourishing to cultivate the conditions for your problem-solving creativity and innovation thinking.

Being resilient does not mean pushing yourself over the edge: if you are burnt-out, your business is at a stand-still. By deepening your resilience so that you adapt and navigate personal, professional and organisational challenges, you stay agile, dynamic and moving towards your goals. Resilience is about joy, deep play and staying creative to find new perspectives for solutions and open up new opportunities. As you embed resilience tools, you make the space for your team to be aligned with and delivering your vision, mission and values.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn practical skills to deepen personal resilience
  • Allow yourself to flourish, feel more joy and avoid burn-out
  • Map a new path to achieve professional goals
  • Link resilience tools to developing lean, effective business processes
  • Practice interactive activities to embed your resilience toolkit
  • Leave with a resilience practice for unlocking creativity, innovation & entrepreneurial mindset

Who should attend? Everyone. Founders and team members from start-ups; Founders and team members from scale-ups; students and individuals exploring turning an idea into reality.

Workshop Facilitator

Elaine France (https://www.linkedin.com/in/elainefrance/) is the Founder of Flow In Action www.flowinaction.org working with educators, leaders and entrepreneurs to enable them to imagine, design and create innovative solutions and successful businesses. Her work is centred around embedding flourishing tools from Positive Psychology, mapped with design and systems thinking, as the starting point for people’s best creativity and resilience for the journey of turning ideas into reality. With a background in social innovation, she is an experienced consultant, coach and trainer who has worked for 25 years bringing together leadership, strategic business development and operational expertise from across sectors. She was Head of Business Development – Public Services at Partnerships UK, a spin-out of HM Treasury, leading on market-making for social enterprises. She is a consultant with UNCTAD, delivering resilience training for entrepreneurs from developing countries as part of the Start-Up for SDGs pitch event; and delivers Innovation & Entrepreneurship workshops to develop soft skills in young people.


This free of charge workshop will be held in English.

Limited to 25 participants.