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EPFL Innovation Park Workshop: How to leverage Design Thinking to better match your offering with your users’ needs?

EPFL Innovation Park Workshop

How to leverage Design Thinking to better match your offering with your users’ needs?

by Alexandra Marcoin-Karacsonyi

June 4th, 13h30-17h30 – Room Uranus, Building D, ground floor

Workshop Full

Why Design Thinking is the preferred methodology of American startups

Design Thinking is an innovation methodology developped by IDEO in the mid-1990s, that is now taught in the best institutions in the world (Stanford, MIT, Columbia, etc.). Based on successive phases of divergent and convergent thinking, Design Thinking can be leveraged to design, redesign or adapt products, services and processes alike, and help you solve complex challenges. By getting an in-depth understanding of your users’ journey, painpoints, logistical and emotional needs, you’ll be in a unique position to offer them the best value proposition matching their needs, thus making selling easier. According to the development stage of your startup, you can use Design Thinking to further improve your product/service, discover new product/service opportunities, and/or better shape your marketing and communication.

You will

  • Learn how to be user-centered, concretely and easily
  • Go in depth into the different steps of the Design Thinking methodology
  • Practice several key steps via interactive exercices
  • Experience a new mindset
  • Discover new horizons for your startups

Who should attend

This workshop will help a large audience: founders, team leaders, product managers, project managers, salespeople, marketing & communication people, etc. Design Thinking helps solve human-centered challenges, and if one digs deep enough, there is always a human need to be satisfied.

The workshop will be held in English.

Limited to 25 participants, so don’t wait long to register!

For any question, contact the organizer: Björn Ignell – Marketing & Course Manager – Fast Track Training Programs & Innosuisse Startup Training for Social Entrepreneurs