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EPFL Innovation Park – BABY-FOOT Championship 2015

We are happy to announce a coming EPFL Innovation Park Baby-foot Championship !!

Registrations are now open at the C-Building, ground floor, please use our paper form right by the Baby-foot table. You may also register by email at info@apptitude.ch, with your Team Name and SMS number. Please note that registrations are open to everybody, even beginners, it is also a way to meet other EIP collaborators in a fun way. You may register more than 1 team per company. Registrations close on February 27.

The games will be organized around coffee-break times, on mornings (10:30am), after-lunchs (~1pm) and after-noons (~4pm). Basic rules will be suggested but you may apply your own in accordance with your opponent. Fair-play first!

Innovation Park’s Companies are invited to support our champions with prizes. You may register your company as a Sponsor (and the prize) at the Baby-foot table (C-building ground floor) or by email at info@apptitude.ch. No cash-prize will be accepted. As a Sponsor, your company will appear in the Championship banner displayed on the table and will be mentioned during the Championship celebration.