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Digesting “No” Workshop: To help you build courage to survive rejections

As an entrepreneur and even more so when you manage a startup, you have to ask other people for things you need for your business. And what happens again and again? You get a “no” as an answer, whether straight or indirectly. Recognize the feeling?
This workshop will help you build courage to survive rejection.

Objectives and take aways

  • Understand how others react to “no”
  • Understand your personal attitude to “no”Master some simple tools to handle a refusal of your request
  • Learn that people don’t like turning others down
  • Learn how not to include “no” as an answer in your requests
  • Learn how to learn from rejection


  • Be willing to tell other participants about a case when you were rejected
  • Be willing to engage in a self-analysis process (which you can keep for yourself)
  • Be willing to at least briefly venture outside your comfort zone


This is a highly interactive workshop where you are expected to participate in sharing your thoughts and feelings as well as exploring and discovering with other participants ways to tame rejection. The facilitator is there to help you deepen your understanding of how you handle rejection and finding ways that suit you personally for handling a “no” better. A small folder will be distributed with some documentation.

Bio of the Workshop leader

Dr Alfred Colliander has worked for 20 years in multinational companies and over ten years at IMD as a Executive coach. He has an in-depth knowledge about how to help managers in difficult situations and is a very engaging facilitator. For more information, visit www.crosslearning.ch

Date: June 24th, 2015 from 8h30 – 12h30 – Salle Pluton, Bâtiment D, rez
Limited to 15 participants

First come, first served
RSVP : ignell@epfl-innovationpark.ch
Don’t wait too long to sign up, the places will go fast!

Best regards,
Björn Ignell
Marketing & Course Manager – CTI Entrepreneurship Suisse-Romande

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