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Data communication and remote powering for biomedical applications

The Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Group (RFIC) of EPFL has the great pleasure to invite you to the Workshop entitled “Data communication and remote powering for biomedical applications“.

This event (free of charge) will take place on Friday 24th of February 2017, at EPFL Lausanne, Room BC 01, from 09:00-17:00, and will have Speakers from Academia, Industry and Medical doctors.

The details of the program and the CV of speakers could be found in the attached pdf.

For organizational purposes, thank you in advance to register in the following doodle, at the latest on Monday 20th of February 2017.


We are looking forward to seeing you on this occasion!


Dr. Maria-Alexandra Paun, EPFL
Prof. Catherine Dehollain, EPFL
 (Workshop Organizers)


plan on how to get to the Workshop venue could be found here: https://documents.epfl.ch/groups/e/ep/epfl-unit/www/plan/EPFL-plan-general.pdf