Conference: “A Journey at the heart of the Health Valley” by Benoît Dubuis

SV-Industry, the student association promoting careers in the life sciences, has the honor to welcome Mr. Benoît Dubuis as keynote speaker for its next conference.

Wednesday 9 Novcember 2016 18:30 – 19:30
Room SV1717 on EPFL Campus

Mr. Dubuis is an important personnality of the life sciences in Swiss Romandie, with considerable expertise in the world of big industries, academia – he was the first dean of the SV school – and entrepreneurship, launching the startup Excellgene and the incubator Eclosion. On the 9th of November, M. Dubuis will talk about the “Health Valley“, appellation given to the pool of life sciences industries, from young startups to big corporations, active on the Swiss territory.

This event is for EPFL and EPFL Innovation Park Collaborators.

No need to register, and free admittance.

For any question, contact