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Bioinspired Robotics Seminar

Bioinspired Robotics Seminar/ series of 4 talks

26th June 2018

15-18h at EPFL BC building, 4th floor, room BC 420

EPFL Bioinspired Platform invites you to our next Research & Industry Seminar on the topic of Bioinspired Robotics.

Join us to learn how researchers and companies and are getting inspired by nature to create robots with autonomous movement that respond and adapt to their environment.

We are extremely honored to have with us Elias Knubben who is leading Bionic Projects at Festo. Dr Knubben who will give an industrial flavor to this discussion and will show us us how Festo is gaining competitive advantage by capitalizing on bioinspired innovations.


PROGRAM – Invited Speakers:

Dr.sc. Elias Knubben, Head of Corporate Bionics Projects, Festo

Prof. Auke Ijspeert, Biorobotics Laboratory, EPFL

Dr. sc Felt Wyatt Marshall, Reconfigurable Robotics Laboratory, EPFL

Seminar will be followed by an apero that will permit us to continue discussing on the topic.


CONTACT: Darja Dubravcic, Bioinspired Platform Coordinator

ORGANIZATION: This event is organized by EPFL Bioinspired Platform and EPFL Vice-presidency for Innovation