EPFL to host a series of Digital Day events

EPFL to host a series of Digital Day events

24.10.18 – Switzerland’s second annual Digital Day – an initiative of digitalswitzerland – will take place on Thursday, 25 October, with events held at various train stations across the country. In addition to participating in activities at the Zurich train station, EPFL will run a series of free, public events on its Lausanne campus. At the Rolex Learning Center, for example, visitors will be able to learn all about Data Detox through stands, workshops, technology demonstrations and a special exhibition. The day will be capped off by a pair of panel discussions on education in the digital age. The panel slated to discuss the political ramifications of this issue will include the education ministers of the cantons of Vaud, Valais and Ticino. Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann will attend the official ceremony, which will also be open to the public.

The 21st century marks the transition to the digital age. A consortium of key figures in the academic, media and business worlds have created an organization called digitalswitzerland to ensure we negotiate the transition wisely. Part of that challenge involves educating the general public, and that’s why digitalswitzerland has launched Digital Day. This event, now in its second year, will be held on Thursday, 25 October, with activities planned for train stations all across Switzerland as well as on the EPFL campus.

From 10am to 5pm, campus visitors will have the opportunity to take guided tours, explore a host of interactive demonstration and information booths and check out Data Detox, an exhibition at the school’s library in the Rolex Learning Center (RLC). And to mark the occasion, Swiss radio station Couleur 3 will broadcast two live shows from the RLC: Pony Express (9am to 12pm) and Calmos (6pm to 6pm).

Over the course of the day, some 360 children will learn about robotics, computers and programming as they attend a series of workshops run by EPFL’s Science Outreach Department. One of their tasks will be to create a smartphone app – with prizes for the best ideas.

Public panel discussions and official ceremony
The day will end with two public events starting at 18:30: an official ceremony and a pair of panel discussions. EPFL President Martin Vetterli will open the ceremony before giving the floor to Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann . This will be followed by panel discussions on the pedagogy and politics of education in the digital age. Panel participants will include Vaud Cantonal Councillor Cesla Amarelle, Valais Cantonal Councillor Christophe Darbellay and Ticino Cantonal Councillor Manuele Bertoli, who will be joined by teaching and research specialists. The moderator will be Stéphane Benoit-Godet, editor-in-chief of Le Temps newspaper.

Source: EPFL Mediacom