Life at EPFL Innovation Park

The EPFL Innovation Park is made to inspire engineers and researchers. The companies based here create a setting which fosters exchanges between corporations and start-ups, building a true sense of community. This community can benefit from the proximity of the EPFL campus, its infrastructure, services and environment.


Sports Center

Privileged access to the EPFL-UNIL sports center. Some 80 sporting activities await you

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Food & restaurants

A restaurant based on the Park, another 30 catering options on the campus and a fresh products market (every Monday)


Childhood Daycare Center

A private daycare center to welcome your children

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Convention Center

The Swiss Tech Convention Center can accomodate up to 3’000 people. For all your scientific conferences

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Metro line, mobility car sharing, public bike-sharing, electric vehicles at your disposal



The Rolex Learning Center houses the library of the EPFL. Access to scientific literature and online reviews

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Two hotels are based on the campus, look at the offers and book for your guests

Starling Hotel

SwissTech Hotel

Shops, Restaurants & Health

A shopping arcades with grocery store, Health hub, fitness, restaurants, ATM and a beauty salon

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