ENAC launches InnoSeed program

ENAC launches InnoSeed program

01.02.17 – On Tuesday, more than seventy people gathered for the official launch of the InnoSeed program at EPFL’s School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering. This initiative will help promote innovation and technology transfer within the school.

InnoSeed ENAC is an initiative to provide the school’s researchers, post-doctoral staff and PhD students with the information and support they need to turn their invention, discovery or research project into a product or service that will benefit society as a whole. The program is open to the entire ENAC community and was officially launched on Tuesday before a crowd of over 70 people.

InnoSeed will provide selected recipients with funding to help fine-tune an innovative idea or create a startup. The InnoSeed team will work closely with EPFL’s Technology Transfer Office, which has expertise in intellectual property issues.

This initiative will give ENAC researchers the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops on how to start a business. They will also learn about innovation support provided by EPFL and other Swiss organizations. Researchers looking to set up partnerships and expand their network of contacts in both the public and the private sectors will be able to seek advice from the ENAC Industrial Liaison Officer.

Through this initiative, ENAC hopes to encourage its researchers to look beyond academia and put their expertise and creativity to work for the benefit of society, the economy and the environment. The InnoSeed program is run by Antoine Guillemin, the school’s deputy dean.

Visit the InnoSeed website and sign up for the InnoSeed Memento to get information about upcoming InnoSeed events.

Source: ENAC Communication / EPFL