DomoSafety triumphs in South Korea

DomoSafety triumphs in South Korea

13.07.2016 During the visit of the Swiss President Johann Ammann Schneider in South Korea on 13th and 14th July, Domosafty, a Swiss startup providing home care services for elderly people, will announce its numerous collaborations with renowned institutions in the domain of health care in South Korea.

Switzerland’s President of the Confederation Johann Schneider-Ammann will make a two-day visit to Seoul on July 13 and 14. President Park Geun-hye of South Korea and her guest will hold a summit on July 13 to discuss stronger partnerships across a broad range of areas, from trade and investment through to science, technology and IT for job training. They will exchange their views on geopolitical issues, too, such as North Korea, the Korean Peninsula and Europe, along with other global issues. During their scheduled talks, the two leaders will discuss measures to expand mutually beneficial cooperation in the medical and healthcare industries, including on “bio-health,” industrial IT and support for startups.

During the event, DomoSafety will announce the official launch of a long-term collaboration with Red Cross College of nursing (ChungAng), HIDEA Solutions (major player in Telecare in South-Korea) and Dongjak, a major district of Seoul. This collaboration will consist of the use of DomoSafety’s services by Korean senior centers which aims at maintaining a good quality of life while living at home as long as possible. Indeed, Ageing is also a major concern in South Korea and the government is actively seeking innovative solution such as DomoSafety. This announcement is a result of 4 years of intensive work between South Korea and Switzerland, and is the start of the vision for DomoSafety to become a leader of digital health in Asia.

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