COVID-19 testing center on the Lausanne campus

COVID-19 testing center on the Lausanne campus

2.12.2020 – a COVID-19 testing center is now open on EPFL’s Lausanne campus. It comes in addition to the other testing centers available in Vaud and is open to the EPFL and UNIL communities as well as residents of surrounding areas.

The center is being run in association with Gene Predictis, a company located at EPFL Innovation Park that already performs tests for other Vaud centers. This new center operates like the other centers, in keeping with cantonal rules. This concerns, in particular, requiring appointments, managing data and informing people of their test results. Even though the center is located on our main campus, there will be no special provisions or exceptions for EPFL community members.

Who can get tested?

The EPFL testing center is open, by appointment only, to the entire university community as well as residents of surrounding areas. Only people 12 years of age or older can be tested.

Making an appointment

Before scheduling an appointment, both the Canton of Vaud and the testing center ask that you first perform a CoronaCheck evaluation.

You should only make an appointment if the CoronaCheck evaluation recommends you get tested, or you receive an alert from the SwissCovid app.

Preparing for your appointment

Please come to the testing center:

  • at the scheduled time
  • wearing an appropriate mask
  • with your health insurance card.


As of 25 June 2020, the Swiss federal government covers the cost of COVID-19 tests conducted at testing centers for people who meet the criteria set out on the FOPH website.

Emergency services

In the event of an emergency, please go immediately to an emergency room or urgent care center, such as UnisantéEHC Hôpital de Morges and Vidymed. Be sure to check the opening hours before going.




Picture: Centre de dépistage EPFL, Ecublens © Alain Herzog / EPFL 2020