Coteries makes Pokemon Go more attractive

Coteries makes Pokemon Go more attractive

The Pokemon Go Hype is fading. However a lot of people are still playing the game and game developer Niantic Labs plans new features to keep the momentum high. And other companies are also developing products to make Pokemon Go attractive again. Coteries has launched an app creating a channel where players can simply interact with people sharing the same interest for the game.

Few weeks ago, millions of people across the globe started to hunt little monsters on Pokémon Go. The location-based features of the game force players to be active in the real world to play. The rapid and massive adoption of Pokémon Go created communities of players everywhere across the world.

Players meet and discuss with others near lures. But how do they do to continue the conversation later to play together, without necessarily sharing their phone number or their real name?

GoTeam is all about that: a channel where players can simply interact with people sharing the same interest for the game, and to organize gatherings with players in the same area. Sébastien Flury, CEO of Coteries, comments: “GoTeam is based on the biggest strength of Pokémon GO: the sense of belonging to a group.”

Depending on the team chosen (red, blue or yellow), players won’t interact the same way with other people. GoTeam! will reinforce the community belonging feeling of Pokémon Go players.

The mobile application is available on Android and on iPhone. More information here:

About Coteries SA:
Coteries is a prototyping lab founded in 2012 and orchestrated by CEO Sebastien Flury, a leading figure of the Swiss startup scene. The first product developed by Coteries was “The Mobile Fan Club of musicians”, launched in 2013 with Bastian Baker, notably.

As a digital agency, Coteries supports the development of innovative products inside big companies., by developing MVP (Minimum Viable Product) on mobile or web, as well as clickable prototypes and complete web and application projects.