Call for the Cyber Startup Challenge

Call for the Cyber Startup Challenge

The Cyber-Defence Campus, armasuisse Science and Technology, is looking for innovative technologies for the Cyber Startup Challenge 2020.

CHF 100’000.- to win!

The Swiss federal administration is looking for novel solutions in cyber threat intelligence that can have a significant impact in the day-to-day operation of the Swiss Armed Forces. The solution will be integrated in the existing infrastructure. The technology does not need to be fully mature yet, but a convincing Proof of Concept should be implementable within a year and with less than CHF 100’000.-.

Below are some examples of cyber threat intelligence technologies of interest; however, we are also looking to discovering related technology areas.

Some examples of technologies are:

  • Faster threat analysis: finding out how a threat behaves
  • Compare binary elements and find similarities
  • Aggregate feeds to identify emerging topics (i.e., thread feed from different providers scanned together and identify the same threat with different names)
  • Semantic analysis of documents
  • Summarize text and identify topics in a hacker forum
  • Facilitate the comprehension of texts in another language, including slang
  • Analyze network traffic or metadata to identify patterns that correspond to an actor
  • Correlation of events and signatures
  • Sharing information about cyber threats with different partners («Need to Know» vs. «Need to Share»)


Call closed 30.09.2020
Best ten solutions selected 08.10.2020
Best three startups present at the Swiss Armed Forces 16.10.2020
Best solution revealed during conference in November 03.11.2020



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