bNovate raises CHF 5 million to conquer international markets

bNovate raises CHF 5 million to conquer international markets

6.5.2021 – bNovate Technologies SA, a Swiss company specialized in industrial microbiology aiming at increasing the safety of drinking water, announces a Series B financing round of CHF 5 million. With its connected solutions allowing bacteria measurement in water in only 20 minutes, compared to several days with the current method, bNovate is now heading to North America, Asia, and the Pacific.

bNovate announced today the raising of CHF 5 million to accelerate its geographic expansion beyond Europe. Celeste Management SA, a family office in Geneva, is the lead investor, alongside Ronald Strässler and two other private investors. Founded in 2011 at EPFL, bNovate is active in the development and marketing of automatic devices to measure bacteria in water. The company’s customers include a number of cities in Europe, as well as multinationals in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage sectors.
The ambitions of its founder, Simon Kuenzi, CEO R&D and Operations, are clear: “The issue of water is a priority for society, just like energy and global warming. Water is a resource that is becoming increasingly critical and requires new tools for sustainable management. Our product BactoSense™, a 24/7 microbiological water quality monitoring device, is currently setting a new standard in Europe. In 2021, we are expanding our commercial activities to Asia, the US, Canada, Australia and in 2022 to the rest of the world.”

bNovate has digitalized a century-old manual bacteria detection method

Until today, the detection of bacteria in water has been done manually and takes three to five days (based on to the bacterial culture method discovered by Robert Koch in 1882). This very long measurement time problem represents a major obstacle for many industries working with drinking water, and does not always allow to avoid a large-scale contamination with serious sanitary and economic consequences.

With its fully automated solution, bNovate has digitalized and simplified the measurement of bacteria in water, reducing analysis time to only 20 minutes. “Today, most water quality parameters are already measured in real time, only the counting of bacteria is still done manually in the laboratory. With BactoSense™ and its laser detection system, we can now analyse the microbiological quality of water before distribution. This allows for more safety and optimization of production processes,” says René Lenggenhager, CEO Marketing and Sales. This technology meets a real need and ensures safer drinking water, which is a priority for the water industry, water utilities, governments, and the general population.

About bNovate

Founded in 2011, bNovate Technologies SA currently employs 25 people at three locations in Lausanne, Zürich, and Germany. With a strong growth and a scale-up status, its goal is to make water safer by establishing itself as a recognized leader in industrial microbiology. In recent years, bNovate has received various awards and labels, including the Water Innovation Europe Award, the Aqua Pro Innovation Award, and recently the prestigious Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label.

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Image: The connected instrument developed by bNovate, the BactoSense, reduces the time to measure bacteria in drinking water from 3-5 days to just 20 minutes, a very important advance for the entire water industry worldwide.

Credit photo: Alessandro Della Bella


Les 2 CEOs de bNovate: à gauche Dr Simon Kuenzi (CEO R&D and Operations) - à droite Dr René Lengenhagger (CEO Marketing and Sales)

The 2 CEOs of bNovate: left side Dr Simon Kuenzi (CEO R&D and Operations) – right side Dr René Lenggenhager (CEO Marketing and Sales)


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