Alpine Techstars featuring startups from Innovation Park

Alpine Techstars featuring startups from Innovation Park

14.10.2021 – Canton de Vaud and Tech Tour are organising the 9th edition of the Tech Tour Alpine, an investment Programme featuring selected startups from the region. The next edition brings 30 startups seeking funding to the stage.

Tech Tour Alpine provides selected startups from the Alpine region seeking large seed or series A investments with the opportunity to pitch their solutions to an audience of active corporate and VC investors. The next event on 28th October in Lausanne will also participants to refine their strategies, secure investment, and forge new opportunities and approaches with players in the health, digital, sustainability sectors.

AELER Technologies SA – smart shipping containers for the logistics industry.

AVA-X GmbH – AI-based facial recognition applications for identifying people.

Avrion Therapeutics – Precision gene therapies for neurological disorders.

Bloom Biorenewables Ltd – transforms non-edible biomass into high-performance products.

Comphya – developed CaverSTIM, an implantable device to restore natural penile erection.

CompPair Technologies Ltd. – developed a self-healing technology for composites.

Daphne Technology – universal green converter to remove toxic pollutants and GHG emissions from the engines and boilers exhaust gas.

Diabeloop – automates and personalises the treatment of Type 1 diabetes.

Droople – smart water monitoring solutions for indoor & outdoor water dispensing systems

Foodetective – offers a universal platform for restaurant systems and software

GratXray AG – Imaging systems for breast cancer diagnosis

InterAx Biotech AG – breakthrough systems biology platform to accelerate drug discovery

Joulia SA – develops scalable heat recovery modules for showers

KOMP-ACT – provides plug and play electric actuator solutions

Lambda Health System – develops next-generation medical equipment based on a patented technology for the rehabilitation of the locomotor system.

LARGO FILMS LIMITED –  data-driven intelligence for the film production industry

LuckaBox Logistics AG – last-mile delivery services

macu4 AG – trendy orthopaedic solutions with customisable 3D printed devices

Medimprint – non-lesion medical devices, for clinical research in brain tumours and neurodegenerative diseases Nagi Bioscience –

PICC Solution – Collective Intelligence modelling Platform that collects, maps and retains knowledge to make it accessible to everyone.

Readily3D – Light-based bioprinting for faster research

SightIn Health – Cardiovascular Health in a New Light

Swiss Vault – energy and space-efficient data storage solutions

Typewise – next-gen smartphone keyboard for faster typing and fewer errors

Visium – helps Swiss enterprise clients through their AI transformation journey

Zaphiro Technologies – offers smart grid solutions for monitoring and automation

ZenOwn – an app that keeps everything in one place, safe, always accessible.

Source: Startupticker