AELER launched its new generation container at SIL 2022 in Barcelona

AELER launched its new generation container at SIL 2022 in Barcelona

02.6.2022 – AELER, the LogTech company that’s re-inventing the container, launched its new generation container at SIL 2022 in Barcelona, the leading logistics trade fair in Southern Europe. Port of Barcelona is one of the main sponsors of the fair and decided to feature the AELER  container on its stand, showing its commitment to innovation. AELER smart’s shipping container drastically reduces both operational costs and CO2 emissions by 20%, thanks to the widespread use of composites and advanced IoT (Internet of Things) systems.

For context, the steel container that enabled the rise of the global economy and in which 80% of the world’s goods transit, has not evolved for the last 60 years. As of today, this hot and often rusty, unconnected metal box is increasingly out of sync with the demands of businesses and our environment.

“Innovation is a key priority for us and it’s very encouraging to see the success of a company like AELER. They have developed a more sustainable solution with wide-ranging benefits. ” Emma Cobos, Director of Innovation and Business Strategy at Port of Barcelona

“The support we’re receiving from both customers and investors, validates AELER’s transformational approach to what’s now becoming a fast-changing market.” Co-CEO David Baur

The UNIT ONE Container

AELER’s UNIT ONE container is light, robust, insulated, smart and can hold more payload too. Key benefits of AELER’S UNIT ONE container:

  • 20% reduction in CO2 emissions thanks to its additional payload and aerodynamic design
  • 11% more storage volume — up to 17% for flexitanks — thanks to the container’s flat insides
  • Drastic reductions in temperature variations thanks to the container’s structural insulation. This offers a real alternative to ‘reefers’ (energy-hungry refrigerated containers) for sensitive goods.
  • No more fitting time and costs needed to insulate or reinforce traditional containers
  • Visibility allowing all stakeholders of a container and its contents to know where and ‘how’ it is at all times e.g. humidity, temperature, pressure, door-opening, shocks. This increases logistical efficiency.

To achieve this lighter yet stronger container, AELER partnered with top universities such as EPFL’s Labs who developed the composite for Solar Impulse, the solar aircraft that circumnavigated the globe without fuel in 2016. The AELER container has been CSC certified, design patents are pending.

Source: PR

Picture: (c) AELER 2022 – Naïk Londono and David Baur co-CEOs and co-founders of AELER at SIL Barcelona