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Medtech, short for medical technology, encompasses all technologies and devices used in the medical professions to diagnose and treat patients. In 2017, Medtech start-ups were the third largest sector in terms of invested capital. The domestic medtech industry generates annual sales of around 14 billons and exports 11 billions, contributes to 2.2% of Swiss GDP.

In western Switzerland, especially at EPFL, cutting edge applied interdisciplinary research in material, electronics, microengineering as well as life science is continuously generating new start-ups in Medtech that bring the scientific results into the market.

The Medtech acceleration program puts emphasis on IP strategic roadmaps, regulatory issues as well as the process of clinic trial. Given the complexity, it’s crucial for medtech start-up projects to get specific training and coaching, in order to prepare themselves to tackle this market.




A wearable medical device for the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of nocturnal teeth grinding (bruxism).


Non-invasive optical analysis and real-time skin and scars analysis with the same level of accuracy as performed by dermatologists.


The first high-tech hardware company that will offer magnetic resonance instrumentation at the scale of a human embryo.

Ez Plan

A 3D surgical planning software based on CT scans acquired with a low dose protocol to let surgeons plan their surgery in less than the 15 minutes.

Flares Analytics

Early detection of inflammation in the lungs.

Limula Biotech

The automated production of personal gene-engineered therapeutic solutions for the masses by bringing CAR T-cell manufacturing at the patient bedside.


Wearable hand exoskeleton for motor assistance and rehabilitation.


Fast and precise diagnostic service for infectious disease patients.

Nagi Bioscience

Revolutionizes the way toxic and/or beneficial effects of substances are tested today, by providing the first “Organism-on-Chip” technology.


A Low Dose 3D Imaging Device Integrated to a Surgical Table.

Soft Neuro

Soft electrical that interfaces with the brain and spinal cord to improve electrical stimulation and treatment of neurological diseases.

Swiss Motion Technologies

Providing tailored prosthetic liners for leg amputees allowing prosthetic technicians to save time, increase their profits, and simplify their workflow.


Reto Hartmann

Business development in life science expert

Nanci Govinder

Start-up coach & lifescience expert

Marco Ruedi

CEO Axalbion & Start-Up Coach

Marta Gehring

Innovation & business development strategist

Silvana Filoso

Business Strategist and MedTech Engineer

“My coach understood exactly what I needed even if my application is not completely in his field of expertise. His knowledge of the ecosystem and of the critical aspects of medical devices development allowed me to learn fast and efficiently.” Yann Pierson,  Founder of Limula Biotech and one of the acceleration award winner.