Abionic and QGel are listed among top innovators of 2017

Abionic and QGel are listed among top innovators of 2017

9.1.2018 Abionic and QGel are listed among top innovators of 2017. An Australian blogger likes the new EasyGov portal. Nature explains why Switzerland is at the centre of the world when it comes to scientific collaboration. And Handelszeitung publishes an interesting interview with Pascale Vonmont. Our start-up press review.

MedgadgetBest Medical Technologies of 2017

Medgadget takes a look back with excitement at the medical technologies that have been gracing the pages of the magazine. Abionic is mentioned among the top few advances in diagnostics.

The Scientist:2017 Top 10 Innovations

This year’s Top 10 Innovations highlight breakthroughs on the fundamental scale of the minute components that make biology tick—receptors, cells, organelles. Winning products that include cutting-edge single-cell protein and gene expression analyses, souped-up Cas9 proteins for CRISPR-based genome editing, and QGel’s culture systems for research organoids illustrate the innovative drilling down into fine-scale biology.

Government to Business G2BNiche Government to Business portals

Switzerland is another great example of how governments worldwide are better managing their risk exposure and fast tracking their release of transformational digital services. Their niche portal at EasyGov.swiss is a functional well designed experience.
Handelszeitung„Wir sind keine Lückenbüsser“

Pascale Vonmont, Direktorin der Gebert Rüf Stiftung und Präsidentin des Stiftungsrats der Startupticker Stiftung sagt, was bei der Startup-Förderung wirklich zählt.

Source: Startupticker