Almatech partners with Japan’s largest maritime platform builder

Almatech partners with Japan’s largest maritime platform builder

19.05.2021 – Almatech – a Swiss company based at EPFL Innovation Park – and e5.lab Inc of Tokyo setup partnership to promote and market the revolutionary zero-emission maritime shuttle ZESST (Zero Emission Speed Shuttle) on the Japanese market.

This cooperation agreement has been signed today at EPFL Innovation Park and simultaneously at the Swiss Embassy in Tokyo linked by video conferencing.

Maritime transport is one of the sectors that need to reduce GHG emissions on a global Level. Many countries, especially Japon, a maritime country surrounded by oceans on all sides, have become aware of the need to act quickly and  concretely  in this area  for dimate  protection. Hervé Cottard,  CEO of Almatech, welcomes «a major step forward for ZESST that has convinced, with its numerous assets and  its innovation, partners as important as  e5.lab».

The result of over 3 years of development

Taking advantage of its Space and Naval engineering skills developed over the Lost 12 years, Almatech’ engineers develop a new zero emission planet friendly maritime  shuttle for  public transport. This 100-passenger shuttle features outstanding performances, in particular unmatched ratio of energy consumed/passenger/km 5 times Lower than the ones of any boats of today whether diesel or electrically powered. «Using a combination of new generation  Hydrogen fuel cells and high-density batteries together with torpedo-like electric motors and optimised propellers for the ship power train was only part of the solution» explains Almatech’s CTO, Dr Luc Blecha.


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Image: ZESS designed for the Japanese market – (c) Almatech and e5.lab Inc