2017 Innovation Park’s BBQ

2017 Innovation Park’s BBQ

Event Details

The annual BBQ at Innovation Park will take place

on Thursday June 22nd, 2017!

Enjoy something hot off the grill as we gather for a fun moment! Join us at noon on the fields of the Park.

 Tickets (CHF  15.-) are available
at reception of the Innovation Park in Building C until Monday June 19th, 2017
1 ticket = 1 service (grill, salads, desserts and drinks)

During the event, have professional photo taken in one of the two mobile studios outside or inside the Park. The pictures will be sent to you by email within a few days after the event. This is a great opportunity to have a new picture for your LinkedIn profile for instance!

The prices will be degressive according to the number of portraits taken:

  • 1 to 30 registrations : 50.- /person
  • 31 to 60 registrations : 45.- /person
  • 61 to 90 registrations : 40.- /person
  • More than 91 registrations : 35.- /person

For organizational purposes, we thank you for registering and selecting if you prefer a photo shoot indoor (with a white background) or in the outdoor studio:

REGISTER for a Photo Shoot

We look forward to having a good time together.


Organized and hosted by   logoEpflInno