Meet the digital tech start-ups growing at EPFL Innovation Park!

Meet the digital tech start-ups growing at EPFL Innovation Park!

La Forge acceleration program concludes another successful batch!

The second acceleration program ran by EPFL Innovation Park’s incubator La Forge came to an end last April 11th, focused this time around on data-driven start-ups. After completing the 4 months, all teams (see list down below) pitched their progress in front of a jury and industry experts. Since starting the program, the selected start-ups had been followed by a coach expert in their related industry and participated in various workshops tailored to their current problematics ranging from applying AI in digital businesses to perfecting their investor pitch.

Supported by the Office for Economic Affaire and Innovation (SPEI) of Canton of Vaud, EPFL Innovation Park’s incubator La Forge has been running vertical acceleration programs for young start-ups in the canton since Spring 2018. These programs aim to help early-stage start-ups to further validate and refine their business model, extend their business network in related industries, acquire first customers and get fully prepared to meet investors.

The progress early-stage startups can achieve in a few months and with some guidance is impressive. Most projects increased their number of prospect clients, pilot projects or overall sales. Smeetz, can be used as a great example as one of its founders attests “This data-driven program helped us to increase our sales by 300% in 4 months” (Morgan Siffert).

Three awards were given out in the form of 3’000 CHF prize money to reward the progress made on the objectives set out, the potential of the start-up as well as the active participation in the overall program activities. The start-ups rewarded during the session were Logmind, which provides automate insights from your machine logs with advanced AI, as well as the start-up Tayo, a property management platform to share information, communicate efficiently and automate simple tasks and finally Smeetz, the ultra-flexible and scalable booking platform to help leisure, sport and event organizers increase their online presence and reach new clients. More information on the program here and you can find the full start-up list down below.

Ketevani Zaridze, founder and CEO of Logmind receiving the acceleration award. Logmind is a dynamic startup that has a mission to enable modern businesses to understand unstructured machine data in a smart and easy manner. The tool enables IT operations and DevOps teams to gain valuable data insights that could be easily missed with manual and traditional approaches. Logmind is currently based at La Forge, EPFL Innovation Park.

Etienne Friedli, cofounder and CEO of Tayo receiving the acceleration award. Tayo is a property management platform to share information, communicate efficiently and automate simple tasks. It allows property owners to stop intensive data input activities and focus on their core business, manage end-to-end claims, streamlined communication and get new insights over their operations. After spending one year at La Forge, Tayo is currently based at Le Garage, EPFL Innovation Park.

Alexandre Martin, co-founder and CEO of Smeetz receiving the acceleration award. Smeetz provides an ultra-flexible and scalable booking platform helping event and activity organizers increase their online presence, reach new clients and increase their sales. Smeetz is currently based at La Forge, EPFL Innovation Park.

A completed list of start-ups in the program:

Access Informer: Access Informer is a simple yet powerful B2B solution to collect, analyze and monitor user authorizations across key systems.

Aptus: A tool that equips hotels to take each guest through a unique personalized and enriched experience.

Fiduly: Help SMEs automate accounting tasks using ICT and Machine Learning technologies.

Logmind: AI-Powered big data analytics platform for automated and smart insights into real-time log data.

Neural Concept: transforms the design optimization process in Computer Assisted Engineering (CAE) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

SkAD Labs: Virtual product development software promising to deliver a 50% speed up in the development process of mechanical engineering products.

Smeetz: SaaS booking platform that helps leisure activity organizers to increase their revenues.

Summus: Enterprise management tool, online services connector and data aggregator.

Tayo: Reinventing interaction in property management.

Visium: Help companies identify and develop their highest value Machine Learning products.

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