EPFL Innovation Park partners with HubSpot for Startups

EPFL Innovation Park partners with HubSpot for Startups

25.06.2018 – EPFL Innovation Park is pleased to announce the launch of its partnership with HubSpot for Startups.

In our continued effort to provide you with support and practical tools for your success, we are now able to propose a special HubSpot’s Marketing and Sales software at up to a 90% scholarship for the first year. HubSpot is one of the leaders in inbound marketing and sales, and its world-renowned CRM, Sales, and Marketing toolset can now be available to you at an introductory price.

Please note that if you apply for this service, you enter into an agreement directly with HubSpot.

Note that EPFL Innovation Park has only entered an agreement with HubSpot which allows you to get a preferential price for the first year. We are not suggesting HubSpot before any other CRM, Sales and Marketing tools on the market. It is your free choice to enter an agreement and all training and support you need, will be through your direct contact with HubSpot.


Contact person:
Björn Ignell – Marketing & Course Manager – Fast Track Training Programs